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This is a thoughtful Giftset for any bath lover. Indulge your special someone with a selection of four Creamy Coconut Milk Bath Blends that will soften and nourish the skin while they relax in the tub. These hand-crafted Artisan Milk Bath Blends are made with all natural and organic ingredients providing only the best of Mother Nature has to offer. Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits with pure essential oils that help to transform a bath into a personal spa experience. Peaceful Rest Blend- Ease into your day with soothing Chamomile and Lavender. Happy Energy Blend- Enjoy the awakening blend of Citrus and cleansing rosemary. Alkaline Bath Blend- Improve the quality of your bath water with natural ingredients and put your mind at ease. Earthy Detox Blend- Allow Nature to balance and improve the overall function of your body. You can combine different blends or use your favorite ones separately. Each bag holds approximately 5oz of all natural ingredients.

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