Five Mother’s Day Activities That Aren’t Brunch

A mother is like a flower. Each one is beautiful and unique. Sure, many moms look forward to a leisurely Mother’s Day packed with brunch and mani-pedis, but there are also moms who are up for a spontaneous road trip, a fun karaoke session, or a game night filled with laughs. No matter what kind of mom you have, it’s time to freshen up the day with some memorable Mother’s Day activities. Check out our five ideas below!

Weekend Getaway 

If your mom is on the adventurous side, a weekend getaway can make for a much-needed vacation. Go for a museum-themed destination or something outdoorsy such as hiking or paddle boarding.

Mother’s Day Yoga 

Is Mom into fitness? Roll out those yoga mats and prepare for some archers and downward dogs. Yoga poses are a fun (and possibly entertaining) way to celebrate your special mother-child bond!

Game Night 

Gather Mom’s favorite board games and most-loved people and take care of the drinks, snacks, and cleaning. Let her know all she needs to do is show up and have a great time. 


Put all of Mom’s car-ride humming and shower singing to good use at a top karaoke joint. Make a fun day out of it and sing your hearts out while performing poetic duets. This could be a day you’ll never forget.

Homemade Face Scrubs 

From bath bombs and face scrubs to lip scrubs and lip balms, treat Mom to a crafty DIY pampering at home. Gather your ingredients and get the fun started! She’ll be thrilled to spend the time with you while creating meaningful beauty products that will make her feel gorgeous inside and out.

How do you celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out our collection of thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts!

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