10 Trendy Animals in Home Décor

Unicorns and owls and sloths, oh my! Animal-inspired home décor has become quite trendy over the years, and when something’s cute, you know it’s going to stick around for a while. From wall art to trinkets, decorating in a wildlife theme can make any room stylish and fun. So if you’re an animal lover who enjoys expressing yourself, show off your favorite four-legged, finned, or feathered friends! Below is our list of 10 trendy animals that can add extra pizzazz to your favorite space.


The unicorn is a legendary creature that has recently become an “it” animal. Although these mythical beauties only truly exist in our hearts, they’ll add bursts of magic to any room. From pillows to paintings, who doesn’t want a pop of wondrous enchantment in their home?


Say hello to the unicorn of the sea! Also known as the narwhal, this favored ocean-dweller brings delight wherever it goes. From stationery to knick-knacks, the narwhal has become a favorite when it comes to adding a touch of originality to your style.


Hello, wisdom and mystery! The owl is a trendy bird that can give any room a hoot of personality! Appealing to children and adults alike, you can find owls on everything from jewelry and clothing to artwork and bed sheets. If you’re a fan of this wise bird, owl say you’re pretty stylish.

French Bulldog

Who doesn’t love the face of a French bulldog? These cuties can capture your heart with their lively, amusing antics. Seen as a trendy dog breed over the past few years, the Frenchie wants nothing more than to be the center of attention and the theme of your next big event.


These comical little pups have become a popular dog breed, likely due to their unique shape, perky ears, and friendly faces. From accessories and pocketbooks to pajama pants and slippers, it’s clear that the world has fallen in love with this adorable pooch.


From dinner plates and notebooks to piñatas and silly sculptures, the llama has made its place in the world. This social animal is confident and robust, and even though it can be over-the-top, a touch of llama décor is anything but dramatic.


What does the fox say? It says it’s a great animal to be the theme of your living space! Cunning and sly, this canine adds a mischievous touch to your room. Whether you’re looking for regal or rambunctious, you’re sure to discover a foxy find you’ll adore.


Majestic and peaceful, elephants symbolize strength and loyalty. Go big with elephant patterns on your curtains and pillows, or stick with a beautiful wall-mounted sculpture to honor this gentle giant.


This slow-moving climber is quick to catch your attention. With a go-with-the-flow attitude, a splash of sloth décor will remind you to chill out and take life as it comes. It can also show you that it’s fun to hang upside down!


Cats symbolize independence and mystery, and they’re purrty darn cute. There are crazy cat people for a reason, you know. This domestic furry feline likes things its own way, and how charming is that? We’re sure your kitty would appreciate any sort of cat-themed decoration, and if not, you’ll know.

Is there an animal that inspires you? Leave a comment below! For adorable animal ornaments for the holidays, be sure to visit our Christmas ornament collection!

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  1. I like the idea of having an elephant on the wall. My baby son loves his little plush elephant, so he would probably love that too. I’ll have to consider getting something like that to put on his walls.

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