Eight Ways to Show Kindness Every Day

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Kindness makes the world a better place. Whether you want to make a loved one, a co-worker, or a stranger smile, a random act of kindness can be all it takes. Read on below for eight ways you can practice kindness that will make a lasting impression.

Give Compliments

If you like something about someone, tell them! Whether it’s something they did, said, or are wearing, a genuine compliment can go a long way. It requires little effort and can really makes someone’s day shine brighter.

Hold Doors

Little things like holding the door for someone can mean so much. It also might be the easiest way to show someone you thought about them, even if just for a second!

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to spread kindness is to show you’re interested in what a person is saying or doing. Asking questions means you’re engaged and will make the other person feel valued. Plus, you might learn a thing or two.

Put Away Your Phone

Put away your phone and give your full attention to someone during a conversation. When you can’t, or you’re both on your phones, it’s respectful to share what has your attention.

When Someone Makes You Happy, Tell Them

If someone makes you smile or you feel proud, let them know! Tell them they made your day simply by being there or by doing something awesome.

Try to Acknowledge Everyone

Kindness is choosing to acknowledge and celebrate the beauty in others. When in a group discussion, it’s important to connect to everyone, even in small ways, such as asking for opinions. Everyone has thoughts and feeling understood can mean a whole lot.

Computer monitor

Leave a Message on a Sticky Note

If you want to get a little more creative, write something sweet or inspirational on a sticky note and put it where it’ll be seen. You can place it on a bathroom mirror, a computer screen, or on the wall above a water fountain.

Put Away Your Shopping Cart

When you’re finished shopping and are done with your cart, it only takes a few seconds to put it away! It can really make the person who corrals the carts have a smoother day, especially in undesirable weather.

If you’re a kindness pro and have done all of the above, why not surprise a loved one with a gift just because? From unique to charming, make their day with something thoughtful.

Have a beautiful day!

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