Five Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

Whether you attack it as a downsizing effort or simply need peace of mind, decluttering your home can be a big task. The best way to tackle it is to do it in stages, or to focus on one area of the house at a time. From your bedroom to the living room, our five creative tips apply to each section of your home and all end with a feeling of satisfaction. 

Make a List 

To begin, create a list of areas in your home that you want to declutter. Since it’ll be based on the rooms in your home that need cleaning, think about the drawers and closets in each area. You can start with the most cluttered room and get it out of the way or start with the tidier spaces to get a quicker start. This list can be made as easy or difficult as you make it.

Give Away Items 

Giving away items you no longer use can be beneficial in two ways. First, you get to free up space, and even better, someone else can benefit from your generosity. It’s also been proven that cleaning your home can refresh your mind. Mental benefits include a sense of accomplishment, happiness, and clarity. 

Fill a Trash Bag 

It can be satisfying to see how quickly you can fill a trash bag of items you no longer use. While much of what you collect could be seen as trash, those items can be enjoyed by someone who is less fortunate. (Make sure you donate!) 

Rely on Your Imagination 

If you come across an object that’s difficult to remove, it’s recommended to tune into the power of your imagination. Ask yourself questions such as, “If I was buying this now, how much would I pay?” This technique can be helpful for those with difficulties detaching from objects that are simply taking up space.

Experiment with Numbers 

Having clothing taking up every inch of your closet can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you keep telling yourself you’re going to wear that blouse and you never do. Try picking a reasonable number, such as 30, and stick to wearing only 30 articles of clothing for three months. The point is to challenge yourself to live with less while seeing what you learn from the experiment. It should give you ideas as to what pieces of clothing you need and which ones you could live without.

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