Five Ways to Thank Your Administrative Professionals


Administrative Professionals’ Day is all about celebrating your staff members who hold everything together. They can be receptionists, administrative assistants, or anyone who offers office support. Basically, they’re the people who make sure the workplace isn’t complete chaos, and that calls for a celebration! From sending company awards to offering employee perks, here are five ways you can honor your office superstars.

Give Company Awards to Administrative Professionals

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Recognizing your outstanding professionals with company awards can mean a lot. You can send meaningful medals highlighting qualities such as “Best Multitasker” or have some fun with silly trophies boasting traits such as “Laughs the Loudest!” Now is a great time to get creative and show off your team’s most appreciated strengths. You can get crafty and make the awards at home or order customized medals online. Overall, your employees should be pleasantly surprised to find these treasures in the mail!

Offer Employee Perks

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Is your staff doing a remarkable job working from home? Honor them with employee perks! This can mean anything from extended breaks to being more lenient about your team working from home in the future. Show them that hard work pays off.

Send Your Administrative Professionals Gifts

Show your appreciation by sending a thoughtful gift this Administrative Professionals’ Day. From stationery supplies to personalized décor, show your gratitude to your office staff by gifting them something they’ll enjoy. It can mean much more to them than you know.

Host a Virtual Celebration

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Whether it’s to see each other face to face and enjoy catching up or to gather around for happy hour, hosting virtual celebrations is all the rage. So, get your team together in a (virtual) positive environment via your preferred video chat platform after work, responsibly enjoy a drink or two, and talk about fun memories and all the positives in your life. In times like these, it’s important to stay connected.

Encourage Professional Development

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When your employees make professional growth a priority, they become more in touch with their talents and potential. Through workplace development opportunities, you can keep employees productive and motivated. Some ways you can do this are to:

  • Create growth plans
  • Provide mentor programs
  • Ask your employees what they need

Administrative Professionals’ Day is April 22nd! How are you celebrating?

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