How to Handle Gifting on a Budget

Buyer’s remorse is painful. You go all in on a great gift only to realize you just spent your gas, dinner, and beer money. People never want to look cheap and go the easy route when it comes to gift-giving, and it can often be stressful on a tight budget when everyone has birthdays or during holiday seasons. With a little bit of patience and a careful eye, you can become a gifting pro your wallet will love.

Plan, Plan, Plan 

This is to be highly stressed. Simply sitting down and examining your budget for either a holiday or birthday can make all the difference. It also helps to keep a detailed calendar of the most important birthdays and gifting holidays. This will help you know how far away a certain holiday is and can give you enough time to save enough money or work toward paying for that gift. 

 Shop Sales 

Don’t knock the power of the clearance rack! Use coupons, buy in season, and always try and look for what you want within your budget. The better deal you get on a gift, the less buyer’s remorse you’ll feel!  

Get Crafty 

Use your hands to give a gift a little more meaning. Use markers to draw designs on something like a white mug, and fill it with candy, makeup, a gift card, coffee or anything else to make a cute, budget-friendly gift. Not creative? Have no fear! If you can follow simple instructions, you can make a baked treat that will impress all of your recipients. This is a great way to save during the holidays. Instead of going out of the way to buy an expensive cheese platter, show your skills and bring something homemade!  

Give Them Your Time 

Show them you care by spending time with them rather than money on them. Doing something memorable can be impactful, and mean more to someone than a physical present. This can also be much cheaper in the long run! Have a DIY spa day, cook them dinner, have a paint night — do something fun that can be remembered for years! This works for holidays or birthdays. Taking the time out of your day to spend with them shows that you care!  

Always remember to stick to your budget, think about your time, and get creative. Happy shopping! 

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