How to Throw the Best Virtual Prom in 2020

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You splurged on the most gorgeous dress, pulled off the sweetest promposal, and you and your friends spent days planning the after-party. While it’s normal to be frustrated over current events and the fact that prom isn’t going to be the way you imagined, that doesn’t mean it has to be canceled. It’s a rite of passage, after all! Here are tips on planning a super fun virtual prom with your friends for a night you’ll never forget.

Pick Your Video Chat Platform

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First thing’s first: gather your friends and pick a video chat platform that works for everyone in your party. By now, most of you likely have your favorite chat app — such as Zoom or Skype — but make sure to think what’s best for the size of your group.

Choose a Theme 

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Choosing a prom theme can be so much fun! You can have a charming southern night or attend a classy, upscale event. Perhaps you’re more into the adventurous around the world feel or are more of a laid-back tropical island kind of group. No matter your decision, there are a variety of themes to plan around and get excited about! Be sure to pick something you and your friends can easily get creative with.

Dress your Best 

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Prom is all about getting glammed up and having a memorable night with your crush and BFFs. Even though you’ll be at home, get dolled up and make the night sparkle! Zip up your dress or put on your tux, and have fun with accessories, styling your hair, and doing your makeup. Be confident, be beautiful, and be you!

Do a Drive-by

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Once you’re ready and put together, go all out with a socially-distant prom parade! Call your friends ahead of time so they can stand outside, and drive by so you can see each other dressed to the nines. If your friends live close together, make multiple stops for moments you’ll all cherish for the rest of your lives.

Make a Playlist, Dance, and Play Games

Now, it’s time for the main event, so turn up the music and get ready to shake your groove thing! Be sure to make an exciting playlist with recommendations from everyone, and toss in some throwbacks you can all sing along to. Then, dance your heart out! Don’t forget to master a TikTok dance together and have a photo shoot. You can also play games that will get everyone laughing, such as Charades or Pictionary.

Throw a Cozy After-Party  

As the night settles down, a cozy after-party may be the perfect way to kick back and relax. Switch to a chat group of your closest friends, change into something comfy (pajama party, anyone?), take off your makeup and wash your face, put on a soothing mud mask, and watch a movie together while chatting on the side.

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