Six Ways to Spread Positivity in Today’s World

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In this time of social distancing and uncertainty, reminding yourself and others of the goodness in this world can go a long way. Through small acts of kindness, you can help those around you feel more upbeat. From stringing up lights to using a driveway as your canvas, here are six ways you can spread positivity in your community. 


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Whether proudly displaying your country’s flag or hanging up holiday lights, decorating your home can bring cheer to not only you, but your neighbors, too. 

Leave Encouraging Notes 

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Chalk it up! Spread love through positive messages with sidewalk chalk. Writing encouraging or inspirational thoughts on a loved one’s driveway can make them feel at ease. 

Post Positive Messages on Social Media 

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This is an easy one. Posting positive messages on social media can touch hearts and make people smile. Whether it’s an inspirational quote or a funny meme, remind those you’re connected to that they’ve got this. 

Send Handwritten letters 

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Snail mail lives on! Stay connected while social-distancing by sending handwritten letters to loved ones. It’s thoughtful, sure to be appreciated, and you’ll likely get a meaningful note back. 

Play Upbeat Music 


Uplifting music is a great way to boost your mood and it can do the same for those around you. Turn up the optimistic tunes in your home, while you’re out driving, or send friends and family an upbeat playlist. 

Call A Loved One 

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Check in on loved ones by calling them. Ask how they’re feeling and what they’re doing, and really listen. Time spent talking, laughing, and connecting can be valued more than any other gift. 

If you’re feeling isolated during this time, staying connected with loved ones can make a world of difference. Visit our collection of all the ways to keep in touch with those who matter most. Or, surprise someone special with a thoughtful gift!

Have any positivity tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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