Tips for Hosting a Wine and Cheese Party

Like birds of a feather or yin and yang, wine and cheese are ageless companions. What’s more, they complement each other so well that there’s a National Wine and Cheese Day on July 25th to honor their pairing. Naturally, this calls for a celebration and Goodsey’s got you covered with tasty tips for this fabulous occasion. So pop your favorite glass of red, grab a slice of brie, and prepare to host the best wine and cheese party ever!

Arrange Your Must-Haves

First things first, get your cheeses ready! For a gathering, it’s preferable to have a variety of options, like soft cheese such as mozzarella, hard cheese such as parmesan, and vegan or dairy-free alternatives. You should also include other appetizers that pair with wine, like crackers, olives, grapes, dried apricots, berries, hummus, bread, and prosciutto. There are so many flavors you can bring to the table!

Since there will be so much cheesy, winey goodness, it’s helpful to prepare tasting cards. This will make it easier for your guests to keep track of what they’re enjoying. It should also go without saying that proper silverware — such as cheese knives — will make the party that much better. If you don’t have a cheese knife, a butter knife can work quite well. Just remember to set separate knives for each cheese to prevent mixing flavors.

Of course, you’ll want a nice set of wine glasses to sip out of, too!

Know Your Pairings

Which cheese goes with which wine? Remember, there are a number of considerations, such as texture, acidity, fat, and tannin. But really, the possibilities are endless! While everyone has their preferences, here are some popular pairings that are easy to start off with and are sure to please.

  • Gouda and Cabernet
  • Aged cheddar and Malbec
  • Manchego and sparkly wine
  • Ricotta and Riesling
  • Parmesan and Prosecco
  • Gruyere and Chardonnay
  • Brie and Merlot
  • Bleu cheese and Pinot Noir
  • Feta – Feta and a dry rosé

Coordinate Your Cheese Board

When it comes to cheese, the way its laid out can say a lot! Make your cheese board look fancy and appetizing by focusing on colors and combinations. Set down some orange and red items, such as meats, fruit, and crackers, and sprinkle in some greens and yellows, such as pickles, olives, dips, and nuts. All together it will be fun to create and will look delectable. Don’t forget to garnish with herbs and flowers!

After that, it’s time to wine down for a grate time with your best people. Don’t forget the cheesy puns!

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