Valentine’s Day: Decoding Emotions and Relationship Status

Many people use specific colors to show their feelings via dress code, and on February 14th, it’s no different. From pretty pinks to ravishing reds, make note of the message you’re sending based on the color you’re wearing on Valentine’s Day. On the loveliest day of the year, your style can very well be used to indicate your mood, and you can also get an idea about anyone who happens to strike your fancy. To make things simple, we put together a chart that connects color to meaning, so take a peek and get a head start on decoding emotions and relationship statuses. It’s our sweet little gift to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!  

Dress Color and Meaning

Red: In love and feeling beautiful

Orange: Going to propose to someone

White: I’m engaged! 

Blue: Love proposals are invited 

Green: Waiting for someone cute

Pink: Recently accepted proposal

Black: Rejected proposal

Yellow: Healing from a break up 

Gray: Doing my own thing, not interested

Purple: Putting myself back out there

Brown: Broken-hearted

What color are you rocking on the most romantic day of the year? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone.

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