Six Theme Ideas for Bridal Shower Inspiration

If you’re the lucky lady in charge of setting up a bridal shower, chances are you’ve been thinking a lot about themes. The future bride will remember this day for the rest of her life, so of course you want to make it a delightful experience. Here are six dazzling bridal shower themes to light up your inspiration.

Champagne Brunch 

Pancakes and waffles and mimosas, oh my! Have guests lining up to say “I do” at a refreshing, elegant brunch for the bride-to-be. Serve fresh fruit, delectable pastries, and plenty of chilled champagne.  

Nautical Affair 

Is the special woman you’re showering obsessed with everything beachy? Throw her a nautical themed bridal party with navy blue and striped décor along with ship wheels, sailor hats, and other ocean-like props. Whether you’re sailing on a yacht or celebrating on dry land, she and her shipmates will have a fintastic time creating memories.

Backyard Bash 

Paradise can be as close as your own backyard. If you have the space, transform your yard into a cheery, laid-back environment for a casual bridal shower. Hang fun floral arrangements, twinkling lights, and dish out plenty of picnic food. This is also a great way to give your backyard an enlivening makeover. 

Tea Party 

Perfect for the woman who loves all things classy and dainty, a tea party should be considered. Keep it classically British or go with something with a bit more pizazz, such as a Mad Hatter tea party. No matter which theme you choose, serve up fresh finger foods, delicious scones, and an assortment of teas. 

Country Chic 

For a country-loving bride-to-be, a country chic vibe makes sense. It’s a whole lot of fun to set up with hay bales, horseshoes, and adorable farm animal décor. Ask your guests to show up in their best cowgirl attire for a fun, memorable day. 

Fall Harvest 

If the bridal shower you’re planning is appointed for autumn, having a cozy harvest theme is a heart-warming idea. Add rustic touches like leaves, pumpkins, and apples throughout the room, and of course, add such foods to the menu, too. Include lots of fresh veggies and fruit and don’t forget about the pies!  

Did you have a memorable bridal shower? Do you have fun bridal shower themes you’d like to share? Spread the love and leave a comment below! Also, take a peek at our wedding collection!

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