Wedding Anniversaries by Year: Which Gift Should You Give?

Wedding anniversaries are wonderful opportunities to celebrate the love between two people, and if you’re happily married to your one and only, you should let them know how important they are with a romantic gift. No matter if you’re traditional or more on the modern side, we’ve put together a list of gift types for each milestone, because all anniversaries should be honored in a memorable and meaningful way. 

First Year 

Traditional: Paper 

Modern: Clocks 

Second Year 

Traditional: Cotton 

Modern: China 

Third Year 

Traditional: Leather 

Modern: Crystal/Glass 

Fourth Year 

Traditional: Fruit 

Modern: Appliances 

Fifth Year 

Traditional: Wood 

Modern: Silverware 

Sixth Year 

Traditional: Iron 

Modern: Wood 

Seventh Year 

Traditional: Copper 

Modern: Brass 

Eighth Year 

Traditional: Bronze 

Modern: Linen/Lace 

Ninth Year 

Traditional: Pottery 

Modern: Leather 

10th Year 

Traditional: Aluminum 

Modern: Diamonds

11th Year 

Traditional: Steel 

Modern: Fashion jewelry/accessories

12th Year 

Traditional: Pearls 

Modern: Jade 

13th Year 

Traditional: Lace 

Modern: Textiles 

14th Year 

Traditional: Ivory 

Modern: Gold

15th Year 

Traditional: Crystal 

Modern: Watches

16th Year 

Traditional: Silverware 

Modern: Peridot 

17th Year 

Traditional: Furniture 

Modern: Carnelian  

18th Year 

Traditional: Porcelain 

Modern: Cat’s Eye 

19th Year 

Traditional: Bronze 

Modern: Aquamarine 

20th Year 

Traditional: China 

Modern: Emerald 

21st Year 

Traditional: Brass 

Modern: Iolite 

22nd Year 

Traditional: Copper 

Modern: Spinel 

23rd Year 

Traditional: Silver plate

Modern: Imperial topaz

24th Year 

Traditional: Opal 

Modern: Tanzanite 

25th Year 

Traditional: Silver 

Modern: Silver

26th Year 

Traditional: Pictures 

Modern: Whatever your heart desires 

27th Year 

Traditional: Sculptures 

Modern: Whatever your heart desires 

28th Year 

Traditional: Orchids 

Modern: Amethyst 

29th Year 

Traditional: Furniture 

Modern: Whatever your heart desires 

30th Year 

Traditional: Pearl 

Modern: Pearl 

35th Year 

Traditional: Coral 

Modern: Emerald 

40th Year 

Traditional: Ruby 

Modern: Ruby 

45th Year 

Traditional: Sapphire 

Modern: Sapphire 

50th Year 

Traditional: Gold 

Modern: Gold 

55th Year 

Traditional: Emerald 

Modern: Alexandrite 

60th Year 

Traditional: Diamond 

Modern: Diamond 

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