Six Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference this Earth Day

It’s time to go green! The 49th celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd will be buzzing with talk about our impact on the environment and how we can live in harmony with it. If you want to show support for Mother Earth, we’ve got you covered! Here are six simple ways you can make a difference this Earth Day.

Eat Locally Grown Food 

Locally grown food makes sense for those who want more control over what they put into their bodies. Oftentimes, local food is safer, even when it’s not organic, since small farms tend to be less aggressive than large factory farms about drenching crops in chemicals. Small farms are also likely to grow more variety, protecting biodiversity and preserving a wider agricultural gene pool, which is an important factor in long-term food security.

Plant Trees 

In one year, a mature tree produces as much oxygen as 10 people inhale. Trees are essential to life and their beauty is an added bonus. They create the air we breathe, store carbon, filter air pollution, stabilize the soil, and provide us with the materials for tools and shelter.

Try Reusable Shopping Bags 

Reusable shopping bags have been all the rage, and for good reason. Most times, plastic ends up as litter that kills thousands of marine animals who mistake floating bags as food each year. Unfortunately, plastic that get buried in landfills may take up to 1,000 years to break down, and in the process, it separates into smaller toxic particles that contaminate water and soil. Your choices — even if you think they don’t matter — make a difference.

Use Public Transportation 

Take the train, subway, or bus instead of driving your car on Earth Day, or as much as you can throughout the year. According to the American Public Transportation Association, transit use in the United States saves 4.7 billion gallons of gasoline annually, which adds up to 37 million metric tons of yearly carbon emissions savings compared to everyone driving their own vehicles. Don’t have public transportation in your city but have a short commute? Hop on your bike and go! You’ll be rewarded with a feel-good workout.

Clean Your Local Beach 

Go to the beach nearly anywhere in the world and you’ll find evidence of humanity washing up with the tides. Balloons, cigarette butts, and plastic are common finds on coastlines just about everywhere. Participating in a cleanup this Earth Day is a great opportunity to join in the fight against marine debris and prevent trash from entering our oceans, waterways, and lakes. This will help protect precious sea life and will also keep your beaches looking picturesque. 

Stop Receiving Junk Mail 

One easy way to help Mother Earth is to stop receiving junk mail. Unsubscribe or go digital. You’ll be preventing waste and helping the environment by eliminating unnecessary spending temptation from your life!

How are you making the planet a better place to live? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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