10 Summer Activities You Can Enjoy in 2020

Boy building sand castle

Although summer will be different this year, you can still have waves of fun! From sunbathing at the beach to watching a movie at the drive-in, there’s no shortage of warm-weather activities to explore. Read on below for 10 ideas you and your loved ones can share in together to make a splash this season. Of course, remember to keep safety in mind while making the most of your time together. 

Enjoy a Barbecue or Picnic 

BBQ skewers

There’s nothing like enjoying a burger fresh off the grill with some potato salad on the side during the summertime. Whether you’re in your backyard or eating lunch in the park, finding a cozy spot outside – no matter if you’re hosting a barbecue or a picnic – really allows you to appreciate the fresh air, green trees, and good company.  

Set up a Lemonade Stand 

Lemonade stand

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! No matter how old this line of advice gets, it’s always refreshing. Setting up a lemonade stand with the kids on the front lawn can spread smiles throughout the entire neighborhood. 

Visit the Beach 

Dogs on beach

Whether you and your friends like to soak up the sun or splash through the waves, you can’t go wrong with a beach day! So rub in the sunscreen, load up your cooler, and make the day beachy and bright. 

Go Hiking  

Hiking in the mountains

The glow of the sun on your face, the breeze swaying through the trees, and the earthy feel of the trail under your boots during a hike is an experience that’s enjoyable and beneficial. From improving your cardiovascular health to lowering stress levels, hiking has many positives, both physically and mentally.

Kayak at the Lake  

White kayak

Whether you rent a kayak or have your own, gliding out over the lake is a peaceful way to spend the afternoon. In addition to being easy and enjoyable, kayaking is also an excellent low-impact workout, and it can be boatloads of fun for the whole family. 

Fly a Kite  

Colorful kite

On a clear day with a warm breeze, take out your kite and watch it soar with the wind. The perfect addition to a picnic or a beach day, kite flying is accessible to people of any age. 

Go for a Bike Ride 

Man with bike

Shake off cabin fever by hopping on your bike. An activity most of us enjoyed as children, biking outshines age and never loses its appeal. From exploring the neighborhood to traveling through the trails, there are so many adventures to be had.

Try Finger-painting

Painted handprints

Don’t think that finger-painting is just for children! It’s an inspirational activity for the whole family! Just like any type of artistic expression, it’s a fantastic way to relax and embrace your creativity. 

Go Star-Gazing 

Couple under stars

Fun for kids and romantic for adults, star-gazing is a simple yet exciting activity. On a clear night, you can even see other planets and constellations without a telescope if you know where to look! 

Watch a Drive-in Movie 

Drive in movie

If parts of your town set up drive-in movies, don’t miss out! Watching a classic film from the comfort of your car with family or friends is an unforgettable experience that allows more conversation time and comfort. Don’t forget to bring chairs in case you prefer to sit in front of your car, along with cozy pillows and blankets! 

Pro tips: If your vehicle has automatic headlights, make sure you know how to turn them off before you go. And, if you have an SUV, you may be able to reverse into your spot and lounge in the back of your car to watch the movie! 

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