Here’s What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Ice Cream Cone

There’s nothing like enjoying a soft, cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day. With July being National Ice Cream Month, it’s time to get the scoop on what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you! Are you a classic like vanilla or are you more of an outgoing strawberry type? Read on below to see how personality traits are linked to your ice cream flavor preference! 


You’re all about joy and self-love. Though you have strong opinions, you’re open to explore ideas and new experiences. You can be charming, lively, and sometimes, a bit dramatic. 


Some might consider you “basic,” but they just don’t understand classic beauty! You’re a quality over quantity type of person who enjoys minimalism, peace, and balance. You’re also quite expressive, especially in close relationships. 


Your energy and thoughtfulness make you one of the most loyal friends a friend can have! Typically, you’re the one who wants to go out after a day of work or school and you also like to line up your weekends with fun outings. Overall, you’re an outgoing, bold individual. 

Mint Chocolate Chip 

Upbeat and bubbly, you have the gift of getting along with just about anyone. Being both positive and calm, it’s easy for you to remain level-headed no matter what life throws at you. You have a big heart and will always go out of your way to help others.

Cookies and Cream 

You have a great sense of humor and love a good joke. You don’t take too many things seriously, but you enjoy learning and growing through different experiences in life. You’re not one to follow trends, but you always seem so cool! 

Cookie Dough 

Hello, life of the party! Your happy-go-lucky attitude quickly makes people comfortable and you enjoy being the center of attention. You’re also quite resourceful and enjoy crafting and creating new projects, especially for loved ones. 

Rocky Road 

Chances are, you’re a bit of a complex person. But that’s not a bad thing! You’re always seeking exciting adventures and you rarely settle for less than you want. You’re reliable and everybody knows that once you set a goal, you’ll quickly achieve it. 


For the most part, you come off as reserved, but underneath it all, you have a strong personality. Creative and anything but simple, you are a boundless, straight-to-the-point person. 


A preference for coffee ice cream means you’re a totally chill person. You enjoy socializing just as much as you like your alone time. While your sarcasm may surprise some people, your intelligence and sophistication make up for it. 

Black Raspberry 

You’re confident and play by your own rules. You might come off a bit rebellious, but this edginess makes you incredibly interesting to others. You’re a great judge of character and others look to you for honest advice.  

Does your personality match up with your favorite ice cream flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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