9 Winter Essentials to Get You Through the Chilly Season

Looking to brave the cold weather without sacrificing your fashion sense? From beanies to boots, here are nine winter essentials you need to stylishly take on the next snow-pocalypse.  

Lip Balm 

First thing’s first! A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, and winter can be a brutal time of year for your lips. Between chilling wind and dry air, the weather can make your smoocher feel completely parched. A quality lip balm can help heal cracks and leave your lips feeling silky and moisturized.

Beanie (or Earmuffs) 

Once your ears get cold, it can all go downhill from there! Keep your ears warm with a snug beanie or a fuzzy pair or earmuffs. Feeling stylish and cozy can make a huge difference as you make your way through winter wonderland. 

Puffer Coat 

A quality puffer coat is important once the temperatures dip below the freezing point. Offering protection from the cold and warming you to the core, this lightweight layer also makes for an excellent travel companion. 


Adaptable and functional, the right scarf will add a layer of coziness to keep you comfortable and fashionable. Available in many colors and styles, this accessory can also be the perfect pop to your winter outfit. 

Leather Pants or Leggings You Can Wear Over Tights 

Trendy and comfy, a good pair of leather pants or leggings worn over tights can make a huge difference in your comfort level in freezing temperatures. It’s the perfect way to look cute, feel warm, and enjoy this cheery time of year. 

 Snow Boots 

Winter can look adorable on postcards, but the truth is, it can be quite bone-chillingly uncomfortable. Trek effortlessly through the snow in a pair of dressy snow boots and you’ll pretty much be winning the season. 


Whoever said socks made bad gifts was wearing the wrong pair. You can never have enough socks, especially during the the coldest season of the year! From boot socks to knee highs, this underrated pair of clothing is a winter essential. 


As long as they’re not itchy or clingy, sweaters are a fashionable winter staple. Plus, there are so many styles to choose from! Pull on a turtleneck, a cashmere, or even an ugly Christmas sweater and you’ll be ready to take on the chill in style. 

Tech-Friendly Gloves 

Let’s face it: ordering an Uber outside in the cold is awful. Enter tech-friendly gloves, our wintertime savior! Swipe, like, and watch stories in a pair of fitting touchscreen gloves and you’ll be able to stay connected without freezing fingers. 

What are your winter essentials? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out our selection of wintertime gifts!

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