Four Tasty Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! This delicious celebration happens on March 14th because 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π, the world’s most famous mathematical constant. Because the concept of this mystical number can be difficult to understand, society found a simple way to honor it: by consuming pie! So get ready to eat until you can’t comprehend what an irrational number is. Here are five ways to enjoy a tasty Pi Day!

Eat Lots of Pie

Eating a lot of pie can be accomplished in a few ways. You can host a pie eating contest with fellow pie lovers or eat nothing but different kinds of pie all day. Get creative with it! This could mean pizza, fruit pie, cream pie, and whatever other delectable delight comes to mind. Don’t hold back and enjoy the day!

Challenge Friends to a Bake-Off

Hello, friendly and tasty competition! Challenging your friends or co-workers to a bake-off can be a great way to celebrate. Use your imagination and have everyone pitch in for the grand prize that may or may not be more pie.

Raise Money with a Pie Sale

Leading a fundraiser for a deserving cause is a generous way to honor this flavorful day. Not only will you be sharing your baked goods with others to savor, but you’ll be putting goodness out into the world. Everybody wins!

Memorize as Much Pi as Possible

Pi Day is the day to nerd out. Whether you’re a math wiz or are fantastic at memorization, it can be amusing to stretch your brain and memorize as much Pi as possible. In case you’re wondering, there are 2.7 trillion known digits and also, to save your insanity, know that Pi is an infinite number. Even knowing the first 15 numbers is impressive! Hint: 3.14159265358979.

How are you celebrating Pi Day? Multitask while eating and leave a comment below!

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