Contender Brands: Connecting through Conversation

Monique and Justin Honaman with card games

Differences are to be valued, engagement with others should be authentic, and sometimes rules should be broken. That’s the belief of husband-and-wife team, Monique and Justin Honaman. After finding themselves saying, “You know what the world really needs?” and doing nothing about it, the duo converted their thoughts into a concept-to-consumer business. Called Contender Brands, the couple’s business pairs joy with meaningful conversation.

Creating Fun Connections

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Contender Brands’ first product line is a series of six get-to-know-you card games. Meant to get people talking, the Honamans believe there’s nothing more energizing than dialogue that makes you think and laugh while feeling vulnerable.

Cocktail Farty card game

The idea behind the company came about when the couple was enjoying family time. The first game they designed was called Cocktail Farty. In this game, “FART” means “Friends Admitting Real Truths.” They received a tremendous response to this game, which inspired the launch of three additional conversation sets: Whine Barrel, Brew-aHa, and Keg O’ Cards.

Whine Barrel card game

As for the latest edition, the team introduced Kiss ‘N’ Cards, which contains 149 questions to ask the person you’re dating. Its inspiration comes from realizing healthy relationships form when people talk, listen, and connect to one another.

Kiss 'N' Cards card game

Kids are Contenders, Too!

Although the games are mostly geared toward adults, the couple also saw an opportunity to share the joys of conversation with children. They realized kids are increasingly spending time using technology instead of engaging in eye-to-eye dialogue. This led to the formation of KIC-Start, with “KIC” standing for “Kids in Conversation.” This game is all about teaching children the art of curiosity.

KIC Start card game

More than Playing Games

Card games aren’t the only items Contender Brands offers! Its second product line is Ringo, a portable ring cleaner. As a busy mom and business owner, Monique was frustrated when she’d notice her rings looking dingy. Since there was no way to clean them on the go, the idea for Ringo took root.

Ring cleaner

Under the lid of Ringo’s jar are clips for your ring and brushes to scrub it clean with a non-toxic solution. Available in pink, blue, and red, this product comes in a compact size and is TSA-friendly.

With a passion to develop ideas that bring simplicity and joy, the company’s focus is on people and impact. As Contender Brands’ motto says, “every winner started as a contender.”

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