Dutch Oven Kits: The Ultimate Gag Gift

When you think of a Dutch oven, two things come to mind: cooking pots and flatulence. Family-run business, Dutch Oven Kits, is the fart kind. But what exactly does this fun little company provide? Well, just know these prank-happy professionals can give you explosions of laughter, all in one kit.

According to founders Rich and Carolyn, the gag gifts are for anyone who toots loud and proud. The Original Dutch Oven Kit includes a 60″ x 80″ fleece throw blanket, a fart recipe card, and stickers. If you’re wondering what a “fart recipe card” is, check out the image below. It’s a real gas!

“But the guy I’m buying for farts way more than other people!” For stinky situations like these, the company carries the Deluxe Dutch Oven Kit. This hilarious set comes with everything in the original kit plus an adult diaper, a travel size pack of shart wipes, an air freshener, a clothes pin, and additional stickers. 

Fun Times, Quality Products

Before the duo started their silly venture, they had one major requirement: the blankets actually had to be nice. After speaking with multiple manufacturers and sorting through numerous styles, they finally found their blanket. The winning product is a 100% microfiber fleece throw blanket that’s super soft and comfy, even when there’s not a fart to be heard. Better yet, they come in five different colors:  

  • Tactical Green (dark green)
  • Roadkill Tan (tan)
  • Soggy Camel (sand)
  • Cracked Rat (gray)
  • Celadon Steamer (seafoam green)     

Gag Gift Inspiration

Based out of California, the husband-and-wife team know how to have a good time. They thought of the idea while searching for a unique white elephant gift during the holiday season. As if it were meant to be, both of their stomachs were upset and they kept joking about pulling a Dutch oven on each other. Shortly after, Rich said, “I’m sure somebody makes a Dutch oven kit. You know, a blanket in a box!”

After searching all night, they realized no such thing existed. So, Rich took it upon himself to create a kit for the Christmas party they were attending. Once opened, everyone at the gathering thought it was amusing and it became the talk of the night. Boom! That was their light bulb moment.

After the holiday season settled down, the couple kept thinking about the Dutch oven kit and how it made them laugh. They knew Rich’s creation was something special when their friends and family kept talking about it. From there, they decided to develop the idea into a full-fledged product. In doing so, they came up with a few special requirements:

  • The product had to be funny beyond the obvious “blanket in a box”
  • The blanket itself had to be made of quality material
  • The price needed to be below $30

To address the first bullet point, they put their heads together to make the recipe card that comes in every Dutch Oven Kit. It’s an extra level of silliness that ties everything together. Next, they took their time sourcing a blanket people would actually use. They want customers to roar with laughter and receive a nice blanket. Finally, they priced the entire package at $29.99 and got to work on their website, dutchovenkits.com.

Whether it’s a gag gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, or housewarming parties, the duo assembles, packs, and ships every kit themselves. Their kids adore the blankets and enjoy helping out, too. Most importantly, Rich and Carolyn believe it’s important for their children to see their parents taking a shot at big dreams. The family-run business prides itself on fast, free shipping and topnotch customer service.

At the end of the day, the adventure is about helping people see the humor in life. The family loves hearing customer stories and seeing reaction videos, and overall, they believe breaking wind is a human experience that’s worth the giggles.

To purchase a Dutch Oven Kit and browse other unique gifts, visit goodsey.com

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