Goods that Matter: Everyday Products with Extraordinary Impact

Creativity and generosity unite at design-for-good company, Goods that Matter. Based in New Orleans, the small business creates everyday products with extraordinary impact. From soaps to candles, each item is handmade in the U.S. and crafted from eco-friendly materials. What’s more, the company gives to those in need with each customer’s purchase. 

Donating for Good

To date, the business donated nearly $36,000 to causes that matter. Donations are based on sales and 10% of the company’s profits go to its partners, the majority being environmental and social justice groups.

Each product ties to a specific cause. For example, notebook purchases give to education and soaps go to ocean clean-ups. Goods that Matter donates three times a year: spring, summer, and winter. Overall, the goal is to create products that are used on a daily basis. “We donate to a variety of environmental and social justice groups,” Tippens said. “Climate change, protecting wildlife, eliminating plastic, and helping those who are treated unjustly are what I’m most inspired by.” 

Inspiration Behind the Movement

The company’s inspiration came from BirdProject Soap, which helped clean the BP oil spill in 2010. Developed by Tippy Tippens, the product’s success motivated her to start Goods that Matter, where she leads the way as chief eternal optimist. For Tippens, this dream-come-true tied her passion for design to environmental and social issues.

According to Tippens, each product is handmade of high-quality materials in New Orleans. The products arrive in simple, stylish packaging that’s informative yet attention-grabbing. 

Tippens was honored to be in the GOOD 100, 2013, named as one of 100 people making the world a better place. Inspired and want to be part of an impactful movement? Purchase a candle and light up someone’s world!

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