I’ve Arrived Organics: Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Baby

What’s cuter than a baby dressed to the nines in soft, stylish clothing? We’ll let you think on it.

In the whimsical world of I’ve Arrived Organics, all clothing and essentials are safe for your baby to wear. Designed with your little ones in mind, everything the company makes is created with organic materials. From adorable bodysuits to gift baskets including teething rings and booties, this fair-trade business is a new parent’s one-stop-shop.

Safe Planet, Comfy Clothes, Happy Babies

I’ve Arrived Organics’ founder, Jennifer Levine, created the company because sustainable clothing doesn’t harm the environment and is also gentle on a baby’s body. “I want mothers to be able to have the option to buy safe clothing for their precious little ones,” she said. Although the outfits are eco-friendly, there are no sacrifices when it comes to style. Whimsy, irresistible cuteness is woven into each design.

So how did this sweet little business come to be? Once she became an aunt, Levine sought out baby clothes that were safe to wear after discovering what sensitive skin babies have. During her research, she found that conventional cotton included toxic chemicals and harsh dyes. Even worse, the cotton itself was grown with pesticides. For Levine, this was an absolute no-go.

Tying Art to Sustainability

After realizing organic cotton baby gear lacked in color and personality, the stars aligned. Levine was determined to create her own clothing line featuring her art in every color of the rainbow. She also knew it was important to go through the comprehensive task of having her materials certified organic.

And so, I’ve Arrived Organics was born. Vibrant and fun, the company’s illustrations are created and printed using a direct-to-garment (DTG) printer. Unlike screen-printing, where the garment eventually experiences cracking and peeling, the DTG printer applies water-based ink that gets embedded into the cotton’s fibers. Then, the inks are tested in a lab to make sure they’re chemical-free.

Inspired by nature, I’ve Arrived Organics’ bright, fashionable baby-wear is created with love, respect, and organic cotton. Behind the scenes, the cotton mills are fair-trade and all workers are paid fair wages in ethical working environments.

Whether it’s for a baby shower, hospital visit, or any precious moment, I’ve Arrived Organics provides safe, snuggly clothing any parent will appreciate.

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