Mio Marino: Bringing Boldness to Everyday Apparel


Searching for an adventurous yet extravagant look? Enter Mio Marino, an aspirational lifestyle brand with a mission to shake things up. From designer scarves to trendy socks, this company prides itself on bringing boldness to everyday apparel.  

Journey to Adventure

Beginning five years ago as a collection of ratchet belts, Mio Marino grew into a continuous quest for redefining fashion. Started by traveler and CCO, Isaac Fulop, the company’s goal is to have its customers feel the satisfaction of acquiring a classy item while appreciating being part of a diverse world. 

Loosely translating to “my travels of the sea” in Italian, Mio Marino comes from Fulop’s love of the unknown. While trekking through a remote island off the coast of Konkan, India, he wished everyone could experience different parts of the globe. And so, Mio Marino, inspired by travel, was born.

Fashionable Finds

Today, the business is thrilled to have a collection of discoveries to offer. Its funky socks, for example, were inspired by the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Made of cotton, spandex, and polyester with sweat-proof materials, they’re created to last with elasticity and softness. For the colder months, the company’s winter socks are fabricated of durable wool and show off a sophisticated style.

Designed to last, the company’s belts are created with high-quality leather featuring scratch-resistant zinc alloy buckles. Furthermore, its ratchet belt inserts into the attached buckle where a locking mechanism holds it in place. How’s that for functional fashion?

The company also offers cotton scarves created to add a pop of color to your outfit. Not only do they make beautiful accessories, but they’re easy to care for and fare well in all types of weather.

Once ordered, each item is dressed in upscale packaging with meticulous flair. Additionally, all goods arrive with a tag telling the journey of the purchased product. 

With a focus on bringing customers worldly-wide style, elegance and adventure go hand-in-hand at this one-stop-shop. No matter the occasion, you’re sure to find a fashionable gift from Mio Marino.

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