Strüng: Guitar String Jewelry that Rocks

Two Strung bracelets

Music is an outburst of the soul and jewelry company, Strüng, knows it. Based in Great Neck, New York, this music-inspired business creates bracelets from guitar strings. Started by vocalist Jenny Mann and guitarist Tim Barbour from rock band, Blameshift, the inspiration came from supporting musicians and music education. 

Behind the Scenes

Starting in 2014, the duo quickly sold out of its bracelets at a show in Clifton, New Jersey. The demand for their bracelets was a surprise, since the idea came to mind while Blameshift was on tour. “Our fans were buying more bracelets than CDs and I was spending hours after every show handcrafting one-of-a-kind bracelets,” Mann said.

Jenny Mann and Tim Barbour.
Jenny Mann and Tim Barbour. Image source: Strüng.

According to Mann, the idea blossomed when she noticed Barbour’s guitar strings resembled a bracelet while he was changing them. Shortly after, the team launched Strüng with a mission to connect people to music. 

Giving Back

To support the community, a percentage of sales is donated to non-profits, such as the NAMM Foundation. Each year, Strüng travels to Washington, D.C. with the foundation to meet with senators and congressmen. The point of the trip is to make sure they’re funding the budget for music education. The business also collaborates with other charities to raise money, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Tackle Kids Cancer

People for music education
Mann and Barbour advocating for music education. Image source: Strüng.

After touring for a decade, the band saw the impact music had on people, especially youth. Thankful for the opportunity to learn music, Mann and Barbour want all children to have the chance they did. 

Bangles and Beads

Handcrafted from acoustic and electric guitar strings, each of the jewelry line’s bangles are inspired by popular songs, such as “Dream On,” “Rocket Man,” and “Red Red Wine.” Its beaded song bracelets are made of glass beads and crystals combined with the ball ends of guitar strings. What’s more, each piece comes with a descriptive song card and a faux leather pouch. 

Strüng’s goal is to bridge the gaps between music, fashion, and charity. With a mission to foster the love of music in underprivileged communities, it’s a purchase you’ll feel good about. To show your support while flaunting your favorite song, shop Strüng’s playlist of bracelets and make a difference.

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