The Ultimate Guide to Milestone Gifting

There are some ages that are just huge. Sure, everyone wants to turn 21 and then stay 29 forever, but there are ages in-between that have different significances. Some people might say sixteens are sweet, and that no one likes you when you’re 23, but the importance of milestone birthdays is becoming increasingly popular and finding a meaningful gift can be tough. Luckily, at Goodsey, we are pros at gifting, and we have you covered!

First birthday: This is where the tradition of great birthday presents can start! The first birthday is a highly-regarded day, a celebration of one amazing first year. First birthday gifts can range from toys, to larger gift sets that the baby may not grow out of for a while, such as a play-kitchen set, or something like a slide. Different than month-iversaries, the first-year birthday calls for a gift that the baby can use for a couple of years, like books. The importance of the first birthday goes beyond little knick-knack gifts but touches the parents as well. A memorable, personalized gift highlighting this first special year is meaningful, and will be cherished by parents and other relatives.

10th birthday: Double digits! Ring in this new age with a sentimental, mature gift. My grandma always gave my female cousins and I locket necklaces when we turned 10. It gave us something to look forward to about turning 10, and set us apart from our younger, single-digit cousins. Ten is also a ripe age to make memory gifts, like a cooking class, baseball game, or a DIY spa day. Before buying a physical gift, think about giving them your time. That is a prime memorable age, and with a well-thought out day-out and gift can be impactful and make for a great story!

13th birthday: Parents may dread this age- they have become the teenager. Luckily, there are ways to please the teenage angst. Tap into what they like the most. Being a teenager can be a difficult time, so gifting something close to home can hit a sweet spot with most teens. Take something that they like, like a TV show for example, and think of all the roads of gifting that you can -such as wall art, clothing, posters, the soundtrack, etc. Piecing together a bunch of gifts circulating the same theme makes for a fun, memorable birthday present.

15th/16th birthday: The MTV show My Super Sweet Sixteen is still showing extreme teenage divas with extravagant parties. Quinceañeras and Sweet Sixteen parties are still on the rise, but either way, the significance of this age is of high importance. Different than a thirteenth birthday, the fifteen/sixteen age is a beginning stage of adulthood. Driving, part-time jobs, and essentially graduation follow the fifteen/sixteen age, and it is to be celebrated rightfully so. For both ages, typically girls have parties ringing in this new stage of life. A sentimental gift, such as jewelry they can wear for many years is best appropriate. If the person you are gifting for does not wear jewelry, try for something personalized, like a perfume.

18th birthday: Although you may not be able to drink, turning 18 does come with some pluses. Eighteen-year-olds can vote, play lotto, order products over the phone straight from television, and have adult-like responsibilities without the immediate pressures of adulthood. For an 18th birthday, wallets and other professional accessories are great, long-lasting gifts for both young men and women. And remember to throw some lotto tickets and scratch offs in with their birthday card!

21st birthday: Twenty-first birthday care packages are in. If you live in the U.S., turning this age is a huge deal if you’re a drinker. Planning a gift-bag full of 21-year-old goodies is thoughtful, fun, and can seriously help someone who may want to celebrate hard. For those who may take an alternate route, think about gifts that would benefit this huge transition into adulthood. Do they need new wall décor for their apartment? Are they studying abroad and need a travel journal? Celebrate being twenty-fun the Goodsey way!

25th birthday:  At a time in life where some people are getting married some are just landing on their feet, a 25th birthday present can signify adulthood. You can finally rent a car in the U.S., and among other things, you’re starting to feel pretty old. Birthday gifts for any 25-year-old can range from kitchen and gourmet goods, to something professional, and all things personal, like a shaving kit or a bath bomb set.

40th/Over the Hill: The time has come. Being over the hill means being past one’s prime, but the perfect gift-giver takes this opportunity to make their recipient super happy. Do something they will love, like making a gift set with a bunch of gifts that correlate to a certain theme, like a barbeque gift set, or a craft beer flight set and growlers.

50th and older: Know your recipient and go with your gut. Listen to things they need, or something to spruce up their place. Are they working toward retirement and looking to travel, or buy a new house? Tap into something that they can use to look forward to something they enjoy.

Hopefully with some of these tips you are less stuck. Stay calm, good luck, and happy shopping!

Did You Know?

A person’s golden birthday, also referred to as their “grand birthday, “lucky birthday,” “champagne birthday,” or “star birthday,” occurs when they turn the age of their birthday. Example: Turning 20 on the 20th day of the month.

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