Celebrating National Boss Day: A Spotlight on Leslie Leifer

Attention everyone with a fantastic manager! It’s National Boss Day, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to your boss for being kind and fair throughout the year. From thoughtful cards signed by the entire department to delightful gourmet gift baskets, be sure to show your boss that he or she is valued.  

More than just a manager, your boss can also be an inspirational mentor and a trusted friend. Here at Goodsey, we’re fortunate enough to have those qualities rolled into one in the vice president of enterprise strategy and business development for 1-800-Flowers, Leslie Leifer, who happens to be the boss lady behind everything Goodsey. 

Leslie Leifer, right, holding her Women2Watch award.

Strong-willed and motivated, Leslie, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, took the idea of Goodsey and turned it into the wishing and gifting platform it is today in about six months. This past September, she won an innovation award from Women2Watch, an event that highlights women leaders in retail from around the world.  

With much success under her belt, Leslie shared some words of wisdom in honor of Boss Day, crediting her growth to both good and bad managers, with the belief that you can take away positivity from every experience. “I’ve had both good and bad bosses and found that they both teach you the way you want to be in the future,” she said. “Hopefully because of your experiences with them, you can be better.” 

When it comes to being an outstanding boss, Leslie believes there are four areas that need to be balanced: work, personal, serious, and fun. “If you’re always one, you’re kind of boring,” she said. “If it’s always work, how do you build a relationship?” 

Leslie being a boss, left. Her Women2Watch award, right.

Of course, being a boss isn’t always about ice cream parties and chip and dip days. In fact, running the show takes a lot of determination and dedication, believe it or not! According to Leslie, every day there are questions to be answered and problems to be solved, so much so that she can spend an entire day helping team members and working after hours to catch up on her own work. The trick there, she said, is to take a breath and remember that it’s all part of the gig.  

As for her latest big accomplishment — that being the launch of Goodsey — Leslie holds it near and dear to her heart. She said the gifting platform is totally who the Goodsey team is on a daily basis, fun events and being silly together included. “We bring joy and positivity to our day in order to bring joy and positivity to our site.” 

One of Leslie’s most cherished memories as the queen bee of Goodsey was when she worked with a group of hungry-to-learn, creative interns. “This summer we had a group of interns and at the end of summer, they all wrote me hand-written cards thanking me for their experiences and how much they’ll miss us.” Case in point: a small, thoughtful “thank you” can go a long way. 

The Goodsey gang (interns included) in August 2018.

Chasing dreams and owning challenges can seem overwhelming, but it’s all worth it because of the positive influence your leadership has on other people’s lives. Rock on, bosses! 

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