Tips for Remembering Birthdays

We’ve all been there — you get home from work at 8 p.m., log onto Facebook, and are overwhelmed with notifications of birthdays, and one of them is your great aunt Helen. You know she’s asleep, so you can’t call, and any card or gift you send tomorrow will be deemed “belated.” Everyone has had moments like this. Thankfully, there are some tips on how to better remember birthdays. It may take some time but the effort is worth the reward. Everyone will appreciate that you took the time to remember them, and it will save you the stress of writing belated cards.

Add Birthdays to Your Phone Calendar

By doing this, you can set reminders for days leading up to that special someone’s birthday, so you will be reminded with a couple of days where you can scramble around and get what you need.  

Add Birthdays to Your Desk Calendars

When you look at your calendar for the week, seeing someone’s name next to a certain day of the week will help you remember for the entire week.  

Make a Family Birthday Board

This is a great idea to help not only kids remember birthday, but parents too! You can keep this in your home so that each month, you know who has birthdays, and when. 

 Use Calendar Landmarks

Knowing that your friend’s birthday is near Christmas is a good start! Knowing it is before Christmas is even better! Using big holidays as a timeline can help alleviate birthday forgetfulness.  

 Break the Year into Seasons

Associating someone with a season breaks the year up into segments and can create a smaller timeline if focusing on the entire year is too difficult. Knowing someone has a birthday in July can help you prepare with enough time as early as June.

Use these tips and you’ll never forget another birthday again! 

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