I’d Be Honored: Deconstructing the Wedding Party Proposal Phenomenon

Pinterest boards are going to soon implode with the recent trends of bridesmaid and groomsmen gift ideas.  

You’ve seen them — those big monogrammed boxes filled to the brim with trinkets of glitter and pastel tissue paper, champagne, and other whimsical favors. Maybe the bridesmaid boxes are more in focus, but monogrammed groomsmen gifts are increasingly popular, whether it be flasksleather goods, or even personalized industrial wooden six-pack carriers. There is almost a proposal part two that comes with popping the question: will you be my bridesmaid? (Or groomsman? We won’t forget you, guys!) 

To be frank, bridal parties are not what they used to be. There is a new-found pressure of finding that perfect number of friends — bridesmaids and groomsmen — to accompany each other down the aisle to make the ceremony have a complete, pulled-together look.  

The creation of the perfect bridal party is no walk in the park. Couples must consider who they truly feel support them and would want them to stand next to them on what is held as the most special day of their lives. Some brides may opt for a family-only bridal party, to insure none of their friends feel left out, as it is becoming a huge deal nowadays.  

Thankfully, we do have sites like Pinterest to sensationalize this bridesmaid and groomsmen gift phenomenon. Many brides have taken to boxes, gift sets, and even pieces of fine jewelry to express their wishes for friends to make their wedding much more special. And that leaves a generation of millennials reposting aesthetically pleasing photos of adorable bridesmaid boxes. This creative wedding revolution is competitive but fear not! Goodsey has some tricks and tips for making your bridal party an offer they won’t want to turn down.

Make it Personal 

Make your bridal party feel important and let them know how much you mean to them (the groom can get in on this, too) by writing a hand-written note or take to the internet for a note with cute fonts. You can even write a cute poem using their name and how you want them to be part of your special day. 

Think About Who Will Be in Your Wedding Party 

You’ve seen it: pictures of brides with their bridal parties with 15 bridesmaids! If that’s your style, and you have 15 women that are supportive, amazing, and you can afford to do it, then go for it! However, if there are some people you feel would be left out, seriously think about how you want to spend your special day. Granted, you should only have one wedding, No extra drama needed. Don’t feel obligated to have anyone in it, or not in it for that matter. Your day is about you and your significant other. When in doubt, keep it simple. 

Guys Can be Spoiled, Too  

A groomsman doesn’t necessarily need to open a box filled with goods to feel like they’re welcomed to a sort of “bride tribe.” A groomsmen proposal could be something like an event, like a baseball game, or a day at the local brewery, accompanied with personalized gifts insinuating they are part of the groomsmen squad.

Get Creative 

Everyone stuffs a bridesmaid box with a bottle of wine or some sort of boozy beverage. Think outside of the box! Some brides are opting for a knotted necklace, saying “help me tie the knot,” or taking the personalized canvas bag route stuffed with an assortment of wedding-planning essentials, such as nail polish, Advil, wine, and chocolate, for example. Even packing in a personalized T-shirt with quotes form the movie “Bridesmaids” is a popular go-to. 

Don’t Compare 

We live in a photo-centric culture. There’s no pressure to compare yourself to other brides, or Pinterest boards for that matter. People care that you care, whether how big or small. Don’t bend over backwards and out of your budget range to impress your bridesmaids or groomsmen. This is a special day between you and your love, so don’t sweat the small stuff. 

With all of the stresses that come with wedding planning, don’t let your bridesmaid and groomsmen proposals get you down. Plan ahead, show them you care, and let your creativity shine!

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