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Goodsey Rules

Rule #1:

Don't forget about your four-legged friend

Rule #2:

Sometimes, more is more

Rule #3:

Fill your space with what you love

Rule #4:

Have a different purse for every day that ends in 'y'

Rule #5:

Happiness is an unexpected piece of chocolate

Rule #6:

What's on the outside also counts

Rule #7:

Every great dinner starts with great company

Rule #8:

The best gifts aren't always the most expensive

Rule #9:

You look better when you smell good

Rule #10:

Be as generous to yourself as you are to others

Rule #11:

Sometimes you just have to say yes

Rule #12:

When he looks good, you look good

Rule #13:

Give the gift that takes them from a thousand words to speechless

Rule #14:

Boys are whatever, but diamonds are forever

Rule #15:

Give a gift that's as cute as they are

Rule #16:

Spark their imagination

Rule #17:

Looking good is half the workout

Rule #18:

Your resident geek deserves a thank you

Rule #19:

There's always room for improvement

Rule #20:

Never walk in empty-handed

Rule #21:

Louder is always better

Rule #22:

Crazy superstitions are acceptable during playoffs

Rule #23:

Listen to your mom: you need that extra pair of socks

Rule #24:

Avoid 'Oh crap, that's TODAY??' at all costs

Rule #25:

Have your cake and eat it too

Rule #26:

Send a gift that has you celebrating just as much as they are

Rule #27:

Be the best gifter in the office

Rule #28:

Give a gift that makes everything better

Rule #29:

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift

Rule #30:

'I'm sorry' sounds best with a gift in-hand

Rule #31:

You don't need an occasion to send a little love

Rule #32:

Never stop dating each other

Rule #33:

You're not being ridiculous if the baby is laughing

Rule #34:

If you work your whole life, you deserve a 2pm nap in the recliner

Rule #35:

A helping hand is the best condolence

Rule #36:

Don't forget the magic words

Rule #37:

Always check their registry

Rule #38:

You can never have too much sunscreen

Rule #39:

Nothing beats hot apple cider

Rule #40:

Get them the backpack that makes them excited to start school this year

Rule #41:

A trick should always be accompanied by a treat

Rule #42:

A turkey has more flavor with the right sides

Rule #43:

Be the Secret Santa that everyone wants

Rule #44:

It's okay to get one for yourself, too

Rule #45:

A personalized gift shows off their personality

Rule #46:

Give a gift because you want to, not because you have to

Rule #47:

Don't forget your first best friends - your siblings

Rule #48:

Your wedding party needs love, too

Rule #49:

Don't be afraid to ask her friends for help

Rule #50:

It's okay if your gift to him is also a gift to you

Rule #51:

It's the thought that counts

Rule #52:

Never underestimate the numbers (they're called bestsellers for a reason)

Rule #53:

Create a backyard you'd want to have a barbecue in

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