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Find it. Love it. Gift it.

Find It

Finding the right gift is (for most of us) ridiculously challenging. Who am I shopping for? What do they like? What if I don't know them well enough to find the right gift? Oh gosh, what if I'm the worst gifter that ever existed? What if I'm the person everyone dreads getting as their secret santa? And—the list of concerns goes on.

Goodsey was envisioned by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. as the ultimate platform for helping you avoid all those cares and concerns when it comes to gifting (and wishing). We want to help you find the gift—the gift that makes your friend or significant other or coworker light up with joy.

Love It

Sometimes, you're in the process of looking for just the right thing for your best friend and all of a sudden, your eyes land on that pair of earrings and you realize that maybe she might not like them but you absolutely adore them and maybe, just maybe, you ought to do something nice for you every once in a while.

Goodsey was also created with that "every once in a while" in mind. Perhaps it's not time for you to gift but to wish, just for you: we want not only to charm everyone on your list, but to delight wonderful you, too.

Just as importantly, you should love what you give. We strive to help you find the gift you'll love just as much as the recipient will.

Gift It

As much as the gift you give is itself important, the feeling you give is the whole reason for giving.

At the outset of inception, there was an event to introduce Goodsey for the first time. There was a dinner at this event at which everyone in attendance was given a Goodsey gift, hand-picked just for them. It was magical to see the reactions and excitement from each and every person; to hear the gasps and cries of:

  • "How did you know?"

  • "This is going on my wall!"

  • "My dog will love these!"

It was an unforgettable night, full of wonder and enchantment.

This embodies why we're doing what we're doing—what we want to help you do for yourself and all the people in your life—Find it. Love it. Gift it.

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