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Wings - "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Product Code: MK0281

Wings - "Wind Beneath My Wings"

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Strüng is a music inspired jewelry line made from authentic guitar strings and "Born in the USA". Every Strüng charm bracelet was inspired by a song. Shop our line of unique jewelry to #findyoursong. Whether worn stacked or individually, Strüng bracelets are the perfect mix of fashion and rock & roll. Strüng was created by two touring musicians and built a grass roots following on the road! In an effort to share our passion and love for music, we proudly support and are strong advocates for music education for kids with a percentage of every sale going to charity. Get Inspired. Get Strüng

Wings - "The Wind Beneath My Wings" Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly Strüng is "The Guitar String Jewelry Company". Our mission is to Help Save Music with a percentage of every sale donated to music charities.

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